There once was a time where if you had a leak under your foundation or buried in the ground, plumbers had to dig everything out until they found your leak. Many companies still work that way, but at Bartlett Plumbing we have a better solution.

Leak Locating Equipment

We have the knowledge coupled with the latest tools and equipment for finding and fixing hidden leaks.  We’ll locate your broken pipe with accuracy using our complex equipment.  There is no need to dig a giant hole in your yard and in most cases we can re-route your piping.  Well save you money, time and landscaping.

How can you be sure if you have a leak? Some leaks are completely obvious as you can see the water coming leaking down a wall, coming from your kitchen or bathroom fixtures, or causing your toilet to constantly re-fill. However there are leaks that can be hidden in your foundation or under ground.  If your plumbing begins to back up or your water bill increases unexpectedly, you may have a leak!


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